The minimum requirement for a security lock is either BS6321 (for a deadlock) ro a multi-point locking mechanism

Many doors will have locks morticed into the door. This is usually for cosmetic reasons, ie the lock is largely hidden within the door structure. Unfortunately the act of morticing the lock into the door removes some of the door material and can reduce the doors physical integrity.

Many commercial grade locks are surface mounted so that the full integrity of the door is retained. These commercial locks have many advantages over their domestic counterparts including

  • Locks are rated for many operational cycles, often in excess of  1,000,000 cycles
  • Locks are suitable for high security applications
  • Electronic monitoring of the bolt position can be included
  • Electonic deadlocking can be included
  • Emergency exit crash bars or exit pads can be included
  • High security outside access devices can be added if required

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