We provide a comprehensive locksmithing services across the North West, including

  • Effecting entry if your keys are lost or stolen;
  • Replacing broken locks;
  • Repairing and replacing multi-point locking systems;
  • Upgrading locks to resist lock picking, bumping and snapping;
  • Fitting door furniture, such as letterboxes, door viewers, deadbolts and security chains etc;
  • Key cutting to profiles or to keycodes;
  • Restricted profile keys for increased security;
  • Mobile key cutting for safe and vault doors, so that the key is never taken off-site and you can supervise it at all times.

Whether you require a single lock or a whole suited system you can be assured that our service engineers can meet your requirements.

All the products we fit are of a high quality and are supplied from reputable manufacturers.  We are aware that many low cost products are in circulation, which do not meet minimum standards and provide little resistance to manipulation or physical attack.

In addition to providing domestic locksmithing services, we support retail customers including servicing and repair of supermarket checkouts and cash dispensing machines.